Cane Corso puppies Litter 2014

   My promise of second part to the video answer "How to pick the perfect puppy" (link to part 1) will be kept. Only the timing will be a bit off, maybe in the following weeks :)

   Meanwhile I have the pleasure to introduce the new dog litter of Nero's sister Happy God of Troy:

cane corso litter 2014 1

cane corso litter 2014cane corso litter 2014 2cane corso litter 2014 4cane corso litter 2014 3


    Going back to my article picking a puppy from a breeder will give you high percentage that your dog will be healthy. Special attention to the Hip Dysplasya (HD)in the large dog breeds. Both parents have passed the screening test and have level of HD B.

cane corso litter 2014 parents

   Remember if you like to pick a Cane Corso you should be ready to invest enough of your time to work with the dog.

Contacts of Happy's owner in case you are interested in the puppies from the above litter:

Dimitar Borisov Facebook

Mobile: +359886102388

Best regards,



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