My dog in the big city

     Many of us were in doubt whether they can have specific dog (pitbull, cane corso, german shepherd, etc.) in the big city. The answer is 'yes' only if you focus on following the rules in the community. Most important rule in the developed countries is the BH exam - can your dog companion answer the every day surroundings and what risk does it represent for the others?


What are the elements of the BH exam:

  • simple heeling with your dog with/without leash
  • sit, lay down commands
  • heeling with your dog between group of people
  • (optional) bicycle/car passing by, children approaching

    The result of the exam is passed or failed. In case you pass you have all right to be with your dog in crowded places without worries. In case the dog fails in my opinion it should be an indicator for the owner it should be either used for guarding the backyard or to live in a farm or somewhere else far away from the city and the high risk of injuries.


Our goal with Nero is to cover BH exam this year in order to move forward to the next target - IPO. If more people support the idea of BH exam like initiatives it would be easier to integrate all kind of dog breeds in our community.

Best regards,


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