Cane Corso Dog Breed

Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed which became very popular in the last years. This article will try to cover the basic aspects of this breed and provide brief information for the new owners.

cane corso


  Cane Corso is large dog breed and in my experience it takes 2-3 years for the dog to become an adult. Before that age it is very important to know the dogs are like children - everything is fun and games, nothing is serious. Understanding this will help you with the training of your dog, for example - serious protection training should be done with minimum stress for the dog before adolescence.

  Every breed is selected for specific purpose - dogs for hunting, dogs for protection or just for companion. Cane Corso is great for all of this but the two best qualities I love in this dog are the perfect attitute towards children and great potential for service dog like bodyguard.

baby and cane corso


The most important part of bringing the best out of your dog is first to remember to socialize it in the world you live in and second to invest part of your time in training and teaching your dog and yourself how to work as a team. If you can not affort to spare 30 - 60 minutes of your day to your dog you are not ready :)

Child and Cane Corso

  I would advise reading my next article on dog mentality in order to better understand how dogs might be rated and what best suits you, your family and your lifestyle. For the Cane Corsi it is better for you to have experience with dogs.

Link to the official Cane Corso dog breed standard according to FCI (International Federation of Cynology) : FCI Cane Corso Standard

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