VaccinesAs a continuation of our previous article (Is my dog healthy?) it is time to focus on preventive care.

During the summer there are many parasites that can cause health problems with your dog. Focus in this article will be ecto (external) parasites.

I was thinking it is enough to use the below approach:

  • Use external medicine (Frontline, Advantix, etc.) once per month all year
  • Use internal medicine once per month during summer, every two months during winter

However this did not prevent the below situation with Nero:

cameringo 20160725 192251

It is very hard to determine the root cause and only guesses could be made, but in the area we live in there are a lot of mosquitoes. As a most probable root cause this was caused by a mosquito bite. How to avoid it?


In-house it is easy to put repellents but outside the best protection is additional repellent. The ones we use are also suitable for humans bought from your local pharmacy even in forms of spray.

This way you will keep not only your dog safe, but prevent complex situation with your own health.

Nero's treatment involves daily sprays of antiseptic and vaccines against fungus, with recovery period between 2 and 4 weeks.

Kind regards,


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