Our first BH exam


     Cane Corso BH Exam 2


     Finally the time has come to test what we have learned as a team. The BH dog exam (Begleithund ) or companion dog is intented to observe and verify the obedience training of a dog. 

Cane Corso BH Exam 1

     We know the 'sit', 'lay down' and all other commands. What is the difficult in this exam? Actually the most difficult part here is not to get nervous. If you get nervous, the dog senses it and he would not follow.

     Luckily for Nero and me all went good and the result is passed exam with almost full score.

     I strongly recommend this as a check whether you are on the right track of dog training. For us this is the acutual start, next we aim for IPO-1.

For more on the rules you can check BH Rules

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