Agility training for dogs

What is Agility for dogs? Agility is a sport involving a handler and a dog to perform as a team, passing through various obstacles like jumps and tunnels.

Nero during the Agility Competition in Bulgaria, 2015.

Cane Corso Agility

This sport provides many benefits like:

  • physical excercise for your dog (and for you :)
  • positive work on the bond between you and your dog
  • preparation for the dog to start training real protection work (to bite through windows, around corners) or search & rescue (find people in ruins or in tough terrains)

Of course during the time you train you can have a lot of fun, like Nero had a lot of fun preparing for the competition only week before it:

Cane Corso Agility 2

 Very important aspect of your dog training is to have a lot of positive moments. During this year's Agility Competition in Bulgaria Nero had 4 total runs in 2 of them disqualified because of errors. However in the other 2 he was great and even reached 4th place among very strong competitors.


 Results Level A1









Here is a short video on how things went :)

Kayo also had some moments with the champion in our hearts.

Cane Corso and Baby AgilityCane Corso Agility 1



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