Safely drive your dog in a car

Long time no see:) Especially in the hot summer and the vacations period it is hard to remain on the computer.

However this article is very important for dog owners and their dogs when they use the car.

There are two main aspects to how you should drive your dog in the car:

  1. safety first
  2. comfort second

Stargubt with the safety for me these are the options:

  • in a cage


  • in the trunk with/without harness


  • on the back seat with harness

dog-car-cane-corso dog-baby-car-cane-corso

For me it is very useful to buy a dog harness and the link to the seat belt buckle.

    Important question to ask is what would happen in case of a crash and your dog (in case it is big around 40kg) would cause much damage to you and the other passangers? Or what would happen if it gets too excited and jumps on you causing a crash?

     The dogs should be approached as babies - first drive them for few miles/kilometers and then for a long driver to the sea.









     In case you are interested in the video how to train them in the car please use the Questions, polls and challenges section

 WARNING: During the summer you should NOT leave your dog in the car, even in the shades!


Kind regards,


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