Is my dog healthy? (video)

As a dog owner you need to take care of your dog's health. How to do it? Few advises below :)

First you need to check for their current condition, let's start with how fit your dog is:

Useful dog weight calculator (

Secondly you should ask yourself whether your dog gets enough exercise outside. Interesting research I read that dogs not on a leash get their daily amount of exercies in 20 minutes per day. Examples are play fetch, train recall command, agility, play with other dogs.

Next stop is the food. With Nero we are trying new food on the marked every 3-4 months. For a healthy dog two times pooping per day is enough with excrements (dog poop) looking like the following image (viewers discretion is advised) photo healthy dog poop

In case your dog poops more than two times per day or has similar poop like the next image ((viewers discretion is advised) problematic dog poop) you need to go to the vet.

You also need to have regular examinations by your vet, at least once per year when your dog gets its vaccinations.

This article is intended to make you proactive and keep your dog in perfect health. Good luck ! :)

Kind regards,


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