blooddonorAs with humans, dogs can also be in need of a blood transfusion. One of the facebooks groups we are in got a cry for help message. A German shepherd was very ill since a month and the doctors needed more time to identify the root cause of the illness.

Only one clinic in the whole city suggested a blood transfusion to keep the dog alive - it was not eating for a week. 

Of course when Nero can help he is up for it so we called the dog owner and arranged a meeting in the clinic.

An adult dog can be a blood donor once in every 6 months. Nero went through full blood tests in order to be sure we are not going to make the situation worse. They all came ok.

Next it is time for the preliminary test if Nero is a good blood donor and whether there is a match. It came positive.

Finally came down to draining the blood which was as much as painless possible, Nero did not flinch :) Then it was the final test and the blood transfusion started for the German shepher. Everything went smoothly as the situation could allow it and we helped.

By sharing this experience hopefully others will become dog blood donors when needed. It is on ad-hoc basis, only in a case of need. Good luck! :) Look at proud Nero about to enjoy his award.

cane corso blood transfusion

Kind regards,


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