Hi there,

     My name is Marin and along with my dog-friend Nero we intend to share with you useful methods to teach your dog to be a better part of your everyday life destination-rx.com .

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     Our strategy is to use the S.M.A.R.T. method for learning:

  • Specific (what we want to learn?)
  • Measurable (when is the lesson learnt?)
  • Achievable (can my dog do that?)
  • Realistic (do we need that?)
  • Time based (what time does it take?)

     The idea behind this site is for you, the guests, to share what you want to learn and the request with most votes for the week will get a short video lesson.




Remember: The professional dog trainers in your area are always the best solution as they give you special attention and advises for your individual case.

Best regards,

Marin & Nero

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