Mentality of a dog

   The mentality of a dog has four major components, which once understood can help a lot with the interactions between the handler (owner) and the dog. Before moving forward I would like to thank my friend and dog trainer Bojidar Baltov for investing the time to teach me what I am about to share with you.



 The components of the dog's mental state are:

  • willingness to work - does the dog want to do it?
  • nerves - is the dog active, neutral or passive?
  • confidence - is the dog familiar with the taks/environment?
  • bond with the handler (owner) - does your dog recognize you as the leader?

stressed-dog   Before going into every component and how to work with it very useful thing to know is that the same components are valid for the handler (owner). Yes, it does matter whether you feel confident in the situation with the dog because your emotions are transfered onto your dog. The same features for the handler (owner) would be:

  • willingness to work - do you want your dog to do it?
  • nerves - are you having fun with your dog?
  • confidence - are you familiar with the task/environment?

By understanding this you are ready to learn how to activate your dog and become a leader, not just an owner. :)


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