How to make my dog follow my commands? (video)


The people have spoken and the result for this week is you want to see video lesson on "How to make my dog follow my commands?".


Thanks for all of the participants puting their vote to the existing answers. For the next learning week you can add your own questions.

Below you can find our first video answer with special guest Barry White Juinor who is helping demonstrate the dog training of the "recall" command :) It is more than 3 minutes, but every second counts.

IMG 0001

In summary be sure to play with your dog in order for him/her to start following you and want from you more play time and attention. By having him addicted to the play you are capable of performing great dog training and reach higher levels. Many of the stuff I am sharing with you are from watching great videos from Cesar Millan (the pack leader), Ivan Balabanov  (the game) and my trainers Rumyana Kancheva and Bojidar Baltov. Be sure to subscribe to our facebook fan page and twitter to follow our next articles and videos.

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