Why puppies should be trained by women?

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   I would like to offer you the below article on "Why women should train puppies" :)



   First and most important is the mother's instinct women have since their birth. Unlike men they first feel the other being and then establish a contact with smiles and care. For them almost every dog is like a baby.

   Having this said we can turn back to a situation, where the woman is not demanding anything from the dog except its love.

   It was very strange for me at first when my girlfriend was able to guide our dog not using any commands nor pointing out what she wanted. Both of them just existed in harmony and one did what the other needed, nothing more, nothing less.

   Why focus on puppies? I want to make it clear that women can train dogs at a later stage, there are many female champions. Our focus should go to that during puppyhood we need to teach the dog few things:

  • follow us (establish a bond)
  • play a lot (willingness to work)
  • relax in the human world (confidence)


   If we change the teacher and put a man, a macho in the picture there is a high risk to not achieve anything or only create a dog-robot. At least this was the mistake I was making. Our nature is different - we demand the dog to follow us when we issue the command. Best example is we are like generals infront of a private :)

   I was very lucky to have met great girl and with a little bit of help of my dog trainer I was able to decrease the military attitude towards dogs and establish communication on another level. For sure you can do the same if you take a little time to think over the information from the article :)

Woman Hugging Dog

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