Uncle Barry White Junior

   Uncle Bary White Junior is 4 years old pug, which is a member of our family (pet of the mother in law :)) This individual has never seen training and more or less is the king of his home - sleeps in the beds, sleeps on your head, eats from the table and other not acceptable behaviours.


   This brother from another mother is on a visit and just in time to help us with the project :) Experience with another dog breed, especially one selected just as a companion, is very beneficial both for me and Nero. Before moving forward here are some photos of Barry during his normal days back at his crib:



pug devilpug sweater

 Kind a look of a pop star, but hey, this is what he likes. 

   Now going back to the purpose of this dog, every owner should try to adapt his/her dog to the world they live in. Barry is living in urban environment therefor he needs to follow some rules like not sleeping in bed, coming when recalled and being calm around other people and dogs.

   For the past week we have worked on the above skills and you can see more in the upcoming video answer, where Barry White Junior will be our special guest. Here is what we have achieved during this time and now we might say he is following our rules and commands a little:

pug cane corso 2pug cane corso

    Make sure you check the video lesson #1 as part  of the voting results for this week.

Best regards,


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